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Batwing Fairings
Boox One Fairing
(Stereo/ Storage)
Batwing 6x9 Fairing
Classic Fairing and
Plain Fairing
Double Boox Fairing $599
(Storage, Amp)
Batwing GPS Fairing
(GPS stereo)
Small Batwing Fairing
for Dyna, Sportster, etc
Fat Bob Fairing
M109R Fairing $749
Hard Saddlebags
"Strong" Hardbags
ABS version $349
Detachable Hardbags
for Honda VTX
"Jumbo Strong" Hardbags
ABS version
Detachable hardbags
for Suzuki M109R
"Patrol" Hardbags
ABS version
Detachable Hardbags for
HD Softail Heritage
Hardbags for
HD Fat Bob
Detachable Hardbags
for Yamaha Roadliner
"Short Strong" Hardbags
ABS version
"Coner" Hardbags
"Easy Strong" Hardbags
Detachable Hardbags
for HD Softail Deluxe

Hardbags for Yamaha VStar/ Roadstar

Hardbags for
HD Sportster
Detachable Hardbags
for HD RoadKing
Tour Packs  
Touring Trunk
HD Style Tour Pack with audio system
Audio Tour Pack for Metric
Vinyl Covered series

Vinyl Covered Hardbags and Trunk

Fairings' Accessories
Tsukayu Side Latches
with LOCKS
Luggage Racks
Bag Guards

U Shape Additional Support Brackets

LED Turn Signals

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ABS Strong $349, 6x9 Fairing $649, Double Boox Fairing $599
GPS Fairing $849, M109R Fairing $749 Limited offer, Order today!

"Easy Strong" Hardbags (Fit with Ghost brackets or Easy brackets)

(Back face is shown, Ghost or Easy brackets need to be purchased seperately)
Original starting at US$589/ pair

NOW starting at US$481/ pair
Special Sales, ~20% discount, limited offer, order today!
All Tsukayu hardware included (Not include Easy brackets)

"Easy Strong" Hard Saddlebags are new design of "Strong" saddlebags to fit with Ghost brackets or Easy brackets. With flat back furface, you may install Ghost brackets or Easy brackets to where you want.

Ghost Brackets / Easy Brackets are a quick release saddlebag system that allows you put on or take off your saddlebags in roughly two seconds!

"Easy Strong" Hardbags has identical shape and dimension as regular "Strong" Hardbags, but with different lids and back face, it is modified from regular "Strong" Hardbags so that it has a flat back surface for installing Ghost Brackets / Easy Brackets, and allow you to installing the brackets as high as possible on the Hardbags, that means, you may install the HardBags as low as possible on you bike.

Options of finishings for "Easy Strong" hardbags are ready to paint (primer), gloss black, one tone color match or vinyl covered.

Quality Chrome Latch Locks with keys Double Seals for Weather Proof
Quality Chrome Plated Hinges Carpet Lined

Fit with Ghost/ Easy brackets ONLY
- refer to the "Photo gallery" for more info


Easy brackets can be ordered seperately
Additional US$170/ set
US$149/ set
Useful Links:    
Easy bracket Applicatioin Chart

Dimension of "Easy Strong" Hardbags

Photo Gallery of regular "Strong" Hardbags

Vinyl Covered Series

LED Turn Signals

Find Photos of your bike with "Easy Strong"
Find Videos with Tsukayu products

Discounted "Easy Strong" Hardbags kit,
Starting at US$481/ set
(Original US$589/ set)
-Direct fit with Ghost brackets or Easy brackets (NOT included, need to buy seperately)
-The bags will come with no mounting holes
Turn Signals
Bike (Please fill in)  

"Easy Bracket" US$149/ set (Original US$170/ set)
-Free shipping to US only
-There will be additional shipping cost to other countries beside US, please email us for more information
-Ship seperately direct from Easy Brackets
-There are many options on each bike depend on what backrest you are using. Look up bracket model here, Easy bracket Application Chart (Click here)
Easy Brackets model# (Please fill in)  

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Embeded LED Turn Signals
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Vinyl Covered "Easy Strong" Hard Bags (click here)  
Luggage Racks for Easy Strong
NOW US$150/ pair
Bag Guards for Easy Strong
NOW US$150/ pair
Add One Tone Factory Color Matching (Ready to paint + Color matching):
One Part Color Matching
Price US$350/ pair
Color-Rite paint code
(Top paint code)

Check Color-Rite Paint Code
Check Color-Rite
paint code


Two Part Color Matching
Price US$450
/ pair
Color-Rite paint code
(Top and Base paint code)

*Only signal tone color-matching is available
*Two Part Color means those colors need top and base coat
*color-match order must be accompanied with a primed (Ready to Paint) item.
*Each color-matching is for one set only. If you order two sets, you have to order two color-matchings.
*Perfect-match is not guaranteed
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