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Batwing Fairings
Batwing 6x9 Fairing &
Classic Fairing

Double Boox Fairing
(Storage+Amp) $709

Batwing GPS Fairing
(GPS stereo)

Choppa Fairing
(for Fury, Choppers,
custom bikes)

M109R Fairing

Boox One Fairing
(GPS/ Storage) $679

Small Batwing Fairing
(for small headlight)

Small Boox Fairing
(for small headlight, Storage) $499

Batwing Plain Fairing (Storage)

Fat Bob Fairing

Hard Saddlebags

Hardbags for Indian Scout Coming Soon!

"Strong" Hardbags $499
Hardbags for VTX $529
"Jumbo Strong" Hardbags
"Patrol" Hardbags $475
Hardbags for Fury
Hardbags for M109R
Hardbags for Fat Bob
Hardbags for Roadliner
"Short Strong" Hardbags $449
"Coner" Hardbags
"Easy Strong" Hardbags
Hardbags for Softail Deluxe
Hardbags for Fat Boy
Hardbags for RoadKing
Hardbags for Sportster

Hardbags for Yamaha VStar/ Roadstar

Hardbags for Softail Heritage
Tour Packs  
Touring Trunk
HD Style Tour Pack with audio system
Audio Tour Pack for Metric
Vinyl Covered Bags

Vinyl Covered Hardbags and Trunk

For Fairings
For Hardbags

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Tsukayu Mounting System

Installation Guide in PDF format (Dowdload Here)
Tsukayu Mounting System

Tsukayu mounting brackets are made of very strong, thick, quality stainless steel. They are impossible to be bended in normal use, are the main element in Tsukayu mounting system. Free of vibration, life-long durability. 

With our mounting brackets, you may install your hardbags wherever you want them to be. Your hardbags will stick very close to your fender and  you may install them to a very low position, even just above the pipe!!

All mounting brackets, bolts and metal washers are made of quality stainless steel, they are very durable, very strong and reliable.

Tsukayu mounting system is that they fit very closely to your fender

Comparison with mounting system of other leading brand :                       

Tsukayu Mounting System 

Other brand

Different brackets will be provided for different bikes.

-Cast Stainless Steel mounting brackets, much stronger than iron or aluminium.

-New Designed Z-bracket(long) (NEW!) and Z-bracket(short) (NEW!) for Harley Davidson Softail, Dyna, RoadStar, Roadliner, VTX, etc, and all other bike with belt guard. Suitable brackets will be provided specific for different bikes.

Note: If you got 2 Long Z brackets and 2 short Z brackets in your order, the SHORT one should be mounted to the front; the LONG one should be mounted to the rear

- Bike-specific spacers and stainless steel mounting bolts will also be included (Note: the mounting bolts we provided are for stock bike without backrest only)

New Packaging

From 1July 2007, Tsukayu will use two different kind of packing material. One is normal cart box, another is fiberglass box as shown below. Customers will receive their Tsukayu products stored in either carton box or fiberglass box depends on destination country. (e.g all United States order will be shipped with fiberglass box).

Our fierglass box is very strong, with much improved protection to the Tsukayu products inside, the lids are put into the luggage boxes instead of preinstalled to further protect the lids from damage during shipment. Customer will need to go through the following simple steps for installing the lids, installing the lids involves installing the hinges and lid supporters, all you need to do is just installing 2 nuts and 2 bolts on each side. The whole assembly process will take you only 3-5 minutes. Please click here for details and assembly guide.

Back View - showing one side and one bracket only

- Do not exceed maximum recommended load of 20 lbs.
- Perform periodic check every week.
- Improper loading and set up may lead to loss of control of motorcycle and accidence.
- Installation is recommended to be performed by professionals. All commonly accepted shop safety precautions should be understood and followed when attempting this installation. Refer to Factory service manuals for your model for information before attempting to attach any accessory to a motorcycle. It is the owners responsibility to understand and accept responsibility for installation and use of this accessory. If you are unsure of any
part of the installation, stop and verify the safety of what you are doing.

Installation guide

* For both left and right side - make sure to adjust the brackets to where keeping clear of the caliper, belt-guard, exhaust, and any other parts which may interfere with the brackets, and with consideration of movement of the suspension system. You may adjust the brackets by either angle the brackets or inserting longer spacers between brackets and fender struts. The brackets do not necessary be straight down. (important for VTX , valkyrie, RoadStar, Softail, Dyna, Vulcan2000 ….!)
Start from belt guard side, if there is no belt guard, then start from the exhaust side. Bolt the brackets on with the supplied spacers (use longer spacer if necessary), tighten enough to reposition with your hands, yet hold the position for permanent installation.. There must be enough clearance between the brackets and any other part of motorcycle on both sides.


Put painters tape on the estimated area to be drilled to protect it from scratches and to give a surface to mark the drill points on. Used thick black Rustolium paint or water based white board marker to coat the top of the brackets. Next, position the bag to exactly where you wanted and pressed it against the brackets so the paint marks transferred onto the taped back of the bag. Remember your clearance!
If you pressed hard enough you can read the marks from the brackets. Get your drill with the 5/16 bit, center on your marks and drill all 4 holes. Change out to the 3/8th bit and drill ONLY the bottom 2 holes. This will give you a little adjustment room for final fitting, drill the other two holes after adjustment.gh to avoid the carpet to be tear off, the use a cutter to cut out the carpet instead of drilling.If you pressed hard enough you can read the marks from the brackets. Get your drill with the 5/16 bit, center on your marks and drill all 4 holes. Change out to the 3/8th bit and drill ONLY the bottom 2 holes. This will give you a little adjustment room for final fitting, drill the other two holes after adjustment.

* drill slowly, and stop drilling when the fiberglass is just drill through to avoid the carpet to be tear off, the use a cutter to cut out the carpet instead of drilling.
Test fit the bag, AGAIN! Check your clearances. Snug all the bolts on the bag and attached to the bike. Once you have verified everything lines up. Remove the bags WITH the brackets STILL ATTACHED. You are going to use this assembled side to transfer the holes to the other bag.
Take the other brackets and tape then opposed to the correctly mounted brackets on the bag you just mounted. Align and tighten them to the bolt holes. Since what you want to do is mirror/transfer the bolt holes. Tape the back of your undrilled bag like was done before. You'll do the same thing with the paint marks in the next step.
Place the bags facing each other on a flat surface, on a soft towel of blanket. Use a straight edge to back both bags against so they are in line front to rear. Slide the undrilled bag away and back in to see how the bolts will touch to mark the back. Mirror/transfer the bolt holes as was done in step2. Drill your holes as you did on the first bag. Peel and discard the tape.
Now install the bags. Put one fender washer on the inside of the bag for each bolt. Bolt the bags on, making small adjustments as you tighten the bag. Then tighten all the bolt and check carefully with full loading before riding.
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